What If Earth Became a Moon of Saturn

Saturn sixth planet from the Sun and the  second largest planet in the solar system, after Jupiter. It is a gas giant with an average radius about nine times that of Earth. It has only one-eighth the average density of Earth, but with its larger volume Saturn is over 95 times more massive. Saturn is named after the Roman god of agriculture, its astronomical symbols (h) represents the god’s sickle. Saturn’s interior is probably composed of a core of iron-nical and rock (silicon and oxygen compounds). This core is surrounded by a deep layer of metallic hydrogen an intermediate layer of liquid hydrogen and liquid helium,  and finally a gaseous outer layer. Saturn has a pale yellow hue due to ammonia crystals in its upper atmosphere. Electrical current within the metallic hydrogen layer is thought to give rise to Saturn’s planetary magnetic field, which is weaker than Earth’s but has a magnetic moment 580 times that of Earth due to Saturn’s larger size. Saturn’s magnetic field strength is around one-twentieth of Jupiter’s. Saturn is probably one of the more beautiful planet with bright rings around it. The planet expands out in the solar system although these rings are bright and big they’re composed of many rock and ice particles that range from Sand and rain to a mountain sized Rock. Usually, the Rings are only from 10 meters to 1 kilometer in thickness but considering the size of saturn that’s actually extremely thin. So the diameter of Saturn is 116,000 kilometers or around 10 times that of Earth 12,000 kilometers, but still, you can fit at 764 earth inside Saturn. It is rightfully called a gas giant. So an interesting question pops up what if Earth became the moon of Saturn. So let’s say earth somehow started drifting towards Saturn then that would mean that Earth would go further away from the Sun and that around 200 million kilometres similar to the orbit of Mars. Earth will reach an unbearable cold approximately -50 celsius an average which would cause all of the oceans to freeze and that would present an unimaginable amount of problems on earth. So by the time Earth reaches saturn it would be 10 times more distant from the sun and every land organism will be dead only a few organisms and bacteria will be able to survive, and will likely die a bit after. Other than that it will be a frozen land, but also radiation of Saturn would cause some serious problems even if the temperature was good and saturn came close to earth every human on earth would die from radiation poisoning in a few hours, although likely insects would continue to thrive normally as a lot of insects can survive radiation levels many times deadlier than humans.


That is if temperature was good as said this is in the orbit of saturn, so almost every land organism would be dead but just because the surface of earth would be a snowy wasteland it wouldn’t be the same for underwater oceans because deep-sea creatures and many bacterias and other species that do not require sunlight would continue as if nothing happened they barely would notice. These organisms mostly would be extremophiles which can survive in usually extreme conditions under the surface because only the crust of the ocean would be frozen temperature would be okay in there. It would be protected from radiation it would mean that life would continue on earth but only underwater in deep spots, interestingly because the earth would be all frozen it would look a lot like Saturn’s moon Enceladus which as well as an underwater ocean. Earth would reflect a lot of light making it really bright but also making the surface temperature likely over -200 Celsius. Earth is quite a dense object so its surface gravity is pretty strong 9.81 m/s^2 compared to Saturn’s 10.44 m/s^2 surface gravity. So earth would also tug the gravitation of a saturn making saturn orbit a bit around earth also because of these gravitational battles moon would likely be ejected flying into outer space. Now all of these are possibilities there is also possibility that saturn could swallow earth or form it in the ring system although not so sure about that since it has a similar surface gravity to saturn so that may not be possible. So it worked were to become a moon of saturn which is just a thought or a scenario and will not even happen. It would be very pleasant to be a land organism an earth, in that case, humans likely wouldn’t be able to do anything and we will watch a slow destruction of everything we worked on including us. So overall it’s quite an interesting thought that turns out to be a very destructive scenario but we should keep thinking.

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